Mother Agnes-Mariam: Syrian Refugee Crisis Caused by Western Provocation

The Wall Will Fall

Featured Guest: MOTHER AGNES-MARIAM, Christian Palestinian nun stationed in Syria for last 20 years, exposed the US/Allies/Nato hoax that Syria had chemical WMD. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.


Mother Agnes-Mariam describes what caused the Syrian refugee crisis and the necessity of healing the problem at the root.

Mother Agnes Mariam tells Europe to look into their conscience and determine how their interference provoked displacement.

The Western powers have created a lawless intervention that denies the sovereignty of Syria. Sister Agnes asks Canadians to consider how they would feel if their powerful neighbor intervened in their country in the same way.

Mother Agnes also addresses Pope Francis’ words, the Russia and Saudi Arabia dialog, and the thinking and role of the Syrian army upon whom the people call for protection.  She ends with her advice to Canada, Great Britain and US regarding how to stop the…

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