The Madonna House Apostolate founded by the late Russian-born Catherine Doherty

An introduction to the Madonna House Apostolate, a community of lay women, lay men, and priests founded by the late Russian-born Catherine Doherty in Combermere, Ontario, Canada. A community which for the last half century has lived a spirituality that follows the Little Mandate—a simple but most direct path to Jesus, a “going to the poor” by “being poor”, a doing “little things exceedingly well for love of Him.” A spirituality of consecration to Jesus through his mother, Mary.

The film tells the story of Madonna House, its founders and its members, “the people of the towel and water.” It explores their day-to-day experience, their fearless witness in the world. A testimony to life’s true potential, the film reveals the amazingly graced realities that lie hidden, waiting to be discovered within each sacred moment of our lives. Welcome to Madonna House, enjoy a slice of its restored and renewed life—a life of prayer and worship, work and rest.

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© 2002 Madonna House Publications. Produced, directed and written by Arcadia Films Ltd.


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